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      China Al-alloy Wheel Industry Development Present Situation and Trend Analysis

      發表于: 2021-12-03作者:王巨光點擊:607



      I. The present situation of the alloy-wheel industry in mainland China

      1 Production

      1.1 Production technology

      1.2 Productive capacity

      1.3 Level of equipment

      1.4 Product quality

      2 R&D

      2.1 Product R&D

      2.2 New materials and technology R&D

      3 Markets

      3.1 OEM

      3.2 Aftermarket

      4 Condition of business operation

      Ⅱ. Development trend of China mainland lightweight materials wheel industry

      1 Trend 1: The China mainland aluminum alloy wheel aftermarket will explode as one of the major global automotive wheel aftermarkets.

      2 Trend 2: Further restructuring of aluminum alloy wheel companies, the state-owned enterprises will be withdrawn from this industry, and production capacity will be gradually concentrated.

      3 Trend 3: Less humanized production and intelligent equipment will become the new normal

      4 Trend 4: New materials and technology will disrupt the traditional aluminum alloy wheel industry

      4.1 New materials

      4.1.1 Carbon Fiber Composites

      4.1.2 Engineering plastics

      4.1.3 Magnesium alloys

      4.2 New technology

      4.2.1 Innovative technology that can significantly reduce the cost of existing lightweight material automotive wheels

      4.2.2 Technology suitable for processing unknown new materials for automotive wheels

      Ⅲ.How to hold the development direction of lightweight material wheels

      Concluding remarks




      The first aluminum alloy wheel factory in China was established in 1988, since then, China's aluminum alloy wheel industry has been developed for decades, if only from the production and sales volume of aluminum alloy wheels, China is undoubtedly already a big aluminum alloy wheel manufacturing country, so what is the real situation of China's aluminum alloy wheel industry now? In the following, we will analyze the current situation of the aluminum alloy wheel industry in mainland China from several perspectives, such as manufacturing, research and development, markets and condition of business operation, and we will discuss the future development trend of this industry in China.

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